Saturday, June 21, 2008

Notice Anything Different about this SmILe????

Fathers Day 2008

Kendon's 7th Birthday

For Kendon's Birthday we went over to Erik and Merilee's for a Swimming/Pizza Party.

HaPpY 7th BiRtHdAy, BuDdY !!!

Playing in the Water- June 3, 2008

Cooling Off on a HOT Summer Day!!!!!

Thanks, Grandma Norma

May 30, 2008

H o R s E c R a Z y !!!
This slide show is dedicated to my little cowgirls! Everyone knows that Morgan absolutely is in love with horses, she can't get enough. Her love for horses has spread... McKenzie also is showing an interest in horses as well. Take a look for yourselves! ENJOY!!!

(Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma Curry and David & Elaine Curry...and to the Horses ---Dan, Sixty, Roc, and Kate)

May 30, 2008

This slide show is from our trip to Hanna/Tabiona. The girls were able to Play and Feed baby lambs! They were so excited. It was so fun watching them. It took them a few minutes to warm up to the idea, but once they got over being nervous, they really enjoyed themselves. THANKS LAZENBY FAMILY!!! We had a great time!!!!

We're Staying in Arizona

For those of you who haven't heard.... We're staying in Arizona. To make a very looooong story short, the job in Vernal was not all it was built up to be. After it was all laid out, we decided that it was not a good move for our family. We decided to stay here in Queen Creek.
Adam was able to get his job back with Cemex. He started back to work on June 9th.

Morgan's Pre-School Graduation--- May 21, 2008