Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 4th/Kendon's Birthday Party

Since we were in Utah all of June, we missed celebrating Kendon's 8th Birthday as a family. The fourth of July doubled this year, along with Celebrating our Nations Birthday and our Freedom, we chose to celebrate Kendon's Birthday too!

Our day started off with a PoOl PaRtY!!!
Here is alot of pictures capturing the fun we all had!

After swimming came BiRtHdAy PrEsEnTs!!!!

Our family gave Kendon the new BIKE.

Grandpa & Grandma Aman gave Kendon "SwItCh PlAy"
One item is a ball the squishes together, you toss it back and forth,
who ever has it when it pops back into a ball loses.
There is also a boom-a-rang, and a pop top.
Thanks Grandpa & Grandma Aman

Kendon ...testing out his New Ride!
Kendon, Collin, Dad, Tanner & Shaylene
McKenzie and AbbieTanner-Boy
Next, Grandpa & Grandma Short gave Kendon....
... A new fishing Pole
Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Short
He also got a new Football from The Larson Family
Instead of Birthday Cake...
Kendon favotite is Brownies with Nuts and
Cookies and Creme Icecream!!!
McKenzie wanted to help me make
Kendon brownies for his birthday...

Thanks, Kenzie...The brownies turned out AwEsOmE!!!

It's Great to be 8!!!!
We finshed the night off with a FiReWoRks ShOw!!!
Thanks, Schnepf Farms !!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Kendon!!!
So sorry that you had to wait almost a whole month to celebrate!
We love you, Buddy!!!

June 27, 2009

A Visit to Utah's Hogle Zoo....