Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Hidden Waredrobe

More School Projects....
Collin has been reading "The Lion, The Witch, and the Waredrobe" for a school book report. Instead of the normal book report, Collin's teacher asked them to come up with a board game about their books.
This is what we came up with....

Great Job, Collin

Monday, November 24, 2008

"The Adventures of Tom Turkey"

Meet Tom Turkey

Kendon was assigned by his Teacher to come up with a disguise for Tom Turkey to keep him safe for Thanksgiving Day. He was told he should use household items to come up with his disguise. He was also asked to make up a story to go along with his disguise. Here is what we came up with....

Meet Tom the Fireman Turkey, Local Hero !!!!

(Click on the above picture to read "The Adventures of Tom Turkey" by Kendon Short)
Great Job, Kendon !!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Couldn't Wait.......

As you can see I have already switched over to Christmas. I couldn't wait. It is my most favorite time of the Year. We have been listening to KEZ 99.9 (AZ Radio Station) and their Christmas Music since November 1st. Despite all that has happened with our family over the last few weeks, it still hasn't dampered our Christmas Spirit. I haven't forgot the things that I am Thankful for.....

I am Thankful for....

  • My Great Husband and Children
  • My Wonderful family
  • My Awesome Friends
  • The Love and Support we receive daily
  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Gospel
  • My Savior Jesus Christ

The list goes on and on...

I am so gratful to be walking in my shoes... And even though we are going through some tough times right now, with Adam getting layed off, I know that we are being watched over and we will be protected. I believe things happen for a reason and happen when we least expect it. It helps us keep in perspective the things that are most important in life.
We hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for being a part of our Lives.

More House Pictures

Our Home

The Kitchen

The Family Room

Dining Room
Looking into the Great Room

Living Room

Office Area

Our Room

The Girl's Room

Last Saturday we took the to girls to a few toy stores to get some ideas for their
"WISH LIST FOR SANTA". Guess who we ran into at Wal-Mart??


Monday, November 10, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

Morgan's and Tanner's teachers gave them an assignment for the weekend. They gave them a outline of a turkey body on card stock with the instructions to decorate it with their families using anything they want to make their turkey come to life.
This is what we did...
  • For Morgan's turkey, we added colored felt for the body, feathers, beek, and feet. We also circled yard to make a wing, then we added colored beads. A wiggly eye....and lined it with gold glitter glue.
  • For Tanner's Turkey we colored the body brown, we added cut up old Levi's for the tail feathers, the beek, wing and feet. we added colored beads, cheerios, and a wiggly eye. we also lined his turkey with the gold glitter glue.

Here is our finished TURKEY'S!!!!

Morgan's Turkey

Tanner's Turkey

This next picture is McKenzie's Turkey....

McKenzie was cleaning up all the we thought...

The next thing we knew she had herself a turkey of her own. She drew a turkey body on a peice of paper, then used all the scraps to make her turkey body. She added beads, a beek, and a wiggly eye.

Great Job Kids!

Hail In AZ

Yes----You are seeing Hail in Arizona. Yesterday a strom came through. It was raining very hard then all of the sudden it was hailing. It was melting fast but I did capture one picture. Morgan and McKenzie thought it was pretty cool!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Boy's Room

My favorite Wall so far....

Our New Home

We Moved!!!!

Most of you have heard the news and have our new address. If not send me an email and I will give you our new address. We are still in our same Neighborhood, Ward, and the kids are in their same School. Our home phone and cell phone #'s are still the same.... We have our Boys full time now, and will possible have Shaylene by the first of the new year. Our house just was not big enought for our family of 8. We were looking at a 2 story home to buy, but decided against it. We then found this big home to Rent. It is a 3000 sq. ft. home with a 3 car garage. This is why I haven't posted in forever. We have been cleaning and painting the new home to make it feel like home to us. I have pictures but since we are still moving in and finding a spot for everything, I will post pictures as we go. I hope to have everything put together soon.

Here is what I have so far......

This is a copy of the floor plan of our new home.

Here are some pictures of us painting, painting, painting...

Did I mention WE PAINTED !!!

The Kitchen

The Family Room/Great Room

Dinning Area

The Living Room

The After Pictures

The Best Kids Ever!!!!!!!!