Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Monsoon = Wet Kids !!!

Playing in the Monsoon

I love this picture!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today is my birthday. I kind of feel funny about blogging about me. It's usually about the kids...but I wanted to show you what happened on my birthday.

I woke up to a Happy Birthday Message
from our Relief Society on our front door...

Flowers from Adam

Roses from The Corimers {Canyon's Family}
I got all of this plus.... Alot of phone calls and Happy Birthday messages from all my family and friends. McKenzie, Morgan and Tanner also made me homemade gifts. I got money from both my parents and Adam's parents.
It's a tradition in our house that the Birthday person picks what they want for dinner. This is what I picked.... Grilled Chicken (marinated in Grill Mates -Tomato, Basil & Garlic), baked potatoes and green salad with tons of veggies in it. Most of my kids prefer Steak over Chicken so we grilled them both.
And for Dessert.....
My favorite Cake....

It's a Betty Crocker Golden Vanilla Cake Mix. After it cools, you poke holes in the cake and pour raspberry jello on the top, let it cool. Then the next layer is White Chocolate Jell-o Pudding. Topped off with a layer of Whipped Heavy Whipping Cream (with sugar added). Garnished with Fresh Raspberries.

It was DELISH!!!
Thank-You Everyone!!!

Tanner's Birthday

We started the day off with a Breakfast... Bagles and Cream Cheese, one of Tanner's favorite. Since it was a school day Tanner decided to take Donuts with Chocolate Icing and sprinkles to share with his classmates. After school tanner opened his presents....

Here is what he got....

Card and $1 from G & G Curry {Thank-You}

K'NEX from The Larson Family {Thank-You}

Card and $20 from Uncle Cody {Thank-You}

Card and $20 from G & G Short {Thank-You}
And from our family and G & G Aman...
What is it???
His very own MP3 Player!!!
Tanner has wanted his very own MP3 player for a long time now.
We're glad we were able to get him one with the help of G& G Aman.
{Thank-You G & G Aman}

Instead of Cake, we decided to let the kids decorate their own



Collin and Kendon both had Football practice,
so they were not at home to decorate cupcakes....

Happy Birthday Buddy
We hope you had an
We love you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1st Day of School
August 3, 2009

Our Gang

Shaylene - 7th Grade

5th Grade - Teacher Mrs. Strong

3rd Grade - Teacher Mrs. Wald

2nd Grade - Teacher Mrs. Villa

1st Grade - Teacher Mrs. Willoughby

1st Grade -Teacher Mrs. Ruckle

McKenzie's Door Art

Sunday afternnon all the kids were getting all their school supplies, backpacks, etc. ready for the 1st day of school. Before bed I noticed this hanging on McKenzie and Morgan's bedroom door!

Can you tell she is....

Morgan the "DECORATOR"

Mogan found some crape paper rolls and asked me if she could use it to decorate her bed. Knowing that she was board and was trying to find something to occupy her time, I said, sure!

Here is her MASTERPIECE!!!!

July 30th- Today We Have A Family of 13 Kids!

As you all know, I watch kids here in our home. Teachers/Faculty are back in school 2 weeks before the kids start. Since 2 of the kids that I watch parents work for the school, plus I started watching Merilee and Erik's 4 kids (2 of which are going to be in school) mix my 6 kids in....And you have 13 Kids!!!!
Shaylene (12), Collin (10), Kendon (8), McKenzie (7), Morgan (6), Tanner (5), Abby (4), Canyon (11 mo.), Jayda (9 mo.), Porter (6), Brooklynn (5), Savannah(2), and Sydney (1). Good thing Adam was here to help me out!!!!

July 22nd- "I DARE YOU"

Morgan dared Tanner to wear the princess crown
and let me take pictures of him...
Did he take the DARE?????
YES he did...and here are the pictures to prove it!
Thanks for being such a good sport TANNER!

Here's McKenzie watching it all!