Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend

Today we get to celebrate the 36th Birthday of my Love and my Forever Best Friend! I thought I would just take a minute to thank Adam for being such a great husband and father to our children. He is a one of a kind man! He is thoughtful and Loyal. We both had to go through ALOT to find each other and I will be forever grateful for the relationship/companionship that we share. My heart is filled with the most amazing love for him. His Love has brought me more happiness and joy, than you will ever know. He is the light of my life.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only, my eternal companion, my best friend, My EVERYTHING!
I Love You!
Love, Sandi

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Kim Skinner said...

Happy Birthday Adam! We're the same age, can you believe it? I guess good things happened in the year 1972.

Sorry we couldn't make it to your BBQ - had family plans. We all need to get together again soon though.