Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Birthday

I just wanted to say
ThAnK-yOu !!!
to all of you for calling or stopping by to wish me a
Happy Birthday. Also for all the cards and e-mails, too.
I means so much to me that I have such awesome
family and friends!
I had a wonderful Birthday despite being sick. We just hung out at home. Adam took care of everything and waited on me all day. Here is what we did...
By the time I got out of bed it was 8 am. The girls were busting at the seems to give me my gifts. They both made me a homemade Birthday card (with help from Grandma Carol). They told grandma that they needed money to put inside of my Birthday card( I guess they think that all Birthday cards need to have money). Adam and the girls also gave me a new iPod, docking station, and car converter so I can listen to it through the speakers of the van if I wish to.
My mom and Ken gave me Chester the Rooster and a country barrel with yellow flowers which is already in it's place on the ledge in my family room. Max and Carol gave me a new set of Scriptures. They are green leather with my name on them. My friend Tonya gave me a Bath and Body Works gift card. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You !!!
Next, Adam made us all breakfast/brunch. We had Denver Omlette's with sourdough toast (my favorite breakfast) The afternoon was spent relaxing, watching movies, taking naps, and putting together puzzles with McKenzie and Morgan.
Adam also made us dinner. We had BBQ Chicken, baked potatoes, and green salad.
For dessert Adam made me one of my favorite cakes. It is a white cake, with strawberry jello drizzled over it, heavy whipping cream frosting with fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze on top. Max and Carol came over and had cake with us.
At the end of the night there was a knock on the door. It was Cathy and Kris Driggs. They dropped by to wish me a Happy Birthday and Cathy had made me a plate of cookies.
I had a great Birthday!


cathy said...

Hope you are feelin' better! You are such a dear friend to me, and I appreciate all that you and Adam have ever done for my family. We still need to go out and celebrate though. Love and kisses ♥

Defa's said...

Happy Late Birthday!

Melissa Gardner said...

happy birthday sandi.. i hope your better soon so we can all go out for lunch and celebrate. love ya