Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 10, 2009

I had a great Mother's Day!
Adam took care of ALL the meals and everything else
while I took the day OFF!
My family gave me my favorite scents from...

Here is a homemade card from McKenzie.
This is the front.
The Inside is a picture of the two of us.
She did this in school and gave it to me on Mother's Day.
You might have to click on this picture to see all of her answers.
How cute, huh?
Thank-You McKenzie
Morgan made me this "flower" with her on the inside.
She also gave me this basket of flowers.
Each flower had something that she will do for me
printed on it.
I love my special Flowers!
Thank-You Morgan!
Thanks for making it such a special
Mother's Day for me.
I Love you all very much!
We also want both my mom (Norma) and Carol to know how much we love them.
Thank-You for all that both of you do for us
and for all the love and support you give to us.
You are the BEST!!!!
Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!!!

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