Friday, December 4, 2009

Kendon's Cereal Box Report

Time for another creative book report for Kendon !!!

This quarters book report assignment was to create a Cereal about your non-fiction book. This is the book that Kendon picked for his report...

Kendon's teacher gave him an outline of what each side needed to have on it. This is what we came up with....

The first picture is the front of the Cereal Box. You can't tell from the picture but the cereal has a 3-D affect to it, along with the milk and the spoon.

The next picture is of the back of the cereal box.

Left Side

Right Side

Top of the Box

Bottom of the Box
(This was an extra item that we did. I thought it would be fun to add the bar-code =o)!!! )

Kendon and his finished Cereal Box
For the oral report in class, Kendon had to have a commercial promoting his cereal.
He held the cereal up and this is what he said.....

Who all wants to be a hero?

Well then I’ve got just the right cereal for you…


Mini Munchkins have a yummy, crunchy oatmeal taste,

That is sure to be a cereal

You will never replace!

These funny little people you see,

Will surely make you wanna be…..


For every box that you buy today,

On the back you will have a game to play!!!

It’s made of many different types

Of characters from the book called


I hope you enjoy this heroic brand,

BUY one now, there’s a great demand!!!

Thank you!!

Kendon did an AWESOME JOB!!!!

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I Love Children's Lit said...

This is awesome! My daughter is working on a cereal box book report now and this is the best one I have seen! We will be using some of these ideas. :) What are your best tips?

Thanks for sharing!