Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rock Yard, No More!!!

We approached our Landlord about letting us put grass in back yard for the kiddo's to play on. He said YES!!!! We (Adam, Collin, Erik & Max) did all rock removal ourselves. Our good neighbor, who is a landscaper, had his guys come over to do some final touches before the sod arrived. Then due to Adam's back injury, about 10 member's of our Ward Elder's Quorum came to our house the morning the sod arrived, and in about 45 minutes, We had a back yard lawn.


It is so nice to have grass again. It has been about 17 months since we have been in this house. I wish we would have approached our landlord sooner. The kids love it. It has cut down on the dust and the floor stays alot cleaner. I love looking out the back window's and seeing GREEN rather than grey ol' rocks!!!!!

Thank-You to everyone involved, for all the hard work and service you did for our family!!!!

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Kelli said...

How very exciting!