Friday, December 31, 2010

My (SaNdI's) Birthday 8-17-10

OK...This is really weird posting something that is just about me...

But looking back over the posts it looks like there is a family who

has a Dad...and 6 kids....BUT NO MOM!

So I'm introducing you to the person who is behind the camera

and the one who is the owner of our blog and

the MOM of the SHORT FAMILY... It's Me!!!!

For my Birthday Adam gave me Roses,

and I also got a New Dell Laptop Computer.

Each one of the kids made me a card and gave me a

HeRsHeY's MiLk ChOcOlAtE CaNdY bAr!

You see, they are my weakness,

and everyone of my kids know it...

Including my Husband who gave me

the King Size one =)

They were all laid out on the Kitchen Counter

when I woke up the Morning of my Birthday. The Relief Society of my Ward

decorated my Front Door with Flowers!

The Larson Family gave me this Fruit Cup I actually made my own Birthday Cake.... Adam was going to, but he had to work... My favorite Cake is a White Cake, with the Strawberry Jello Drizzle, Whipped Cream Frosting and Fresh Strawberries on top.

I also received cash from both my Parents and Adam's Parents,

not to mention all the phone calls, emails, and facebook entry's...

Wishing me a HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Thank-You Everyone!!!

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