Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2007 At A Glance


krissy said...

Sandi, your blog is amazing1! You did a great job, I love all the pics, you guys have the cutest family! Youll have to look at my blog, Kim made it yesterday now I have to figure it out. Was it hard fot you?

Brian and Kara said...

Hi sandy, cute blog. Tiff sent me the link. If you want to see my blog it is since i feel like we share the same brother.(Cody is often at our christmas parties) I guess we are kind of long lost sisters:)I was just telling brian that i want cody to find a nice girl but if he does i will be sad because he probably won't come to our christmas parties anymore:)

eva said...

Sandi, those pictures were fun to look at, I even recognized a few :)
Your blog is looking so cute! I love the colors!! See you Sat.!