Monday, January 21, 2008

Sir Barkley Short

We have a new addition to our Family.

Sir "Barkley" Short

This is our new Boxer. He was born on November 10th, 2007. We got him on January 10th. He is very cute. Almost potty trained. Can hold his own with Short's Lady "Sadie" our female Boxer. Of course Abbie our Toy Poodle is still the "Queen Bee" and don't try to cross her!

Here are some other pictures of our dogs.

Abbie and Barkley

Barkley Sleeping like a baby

Barkley and Sadie



McKenzie and Barkley

McKenzie and Barkley


Morgan and Barkley

Morgan & Abbie, McKenzie & Barkley


Kim Skinner said...

How fun to have a new puppy! You'll have to come over and teach me the finer points of training a dog - I am lacking in this area. I'm glad you got a BLOG so we can keep up on what you are doing since we never see you anymore. :)

Darger said...

Yeah now I can get to know you! Welcome aboard baby.

Tresure said...

Good job Sandi! Welcome to the blogging world. I hope you don't become addicted like some people we know. Cute pictures.


HOORAY! I'm so happy you have a blog now!! I can't wait for more updates on your cute family!! I'll add you to my blog list too. YAY!

eva said...

woohoo!! Sandi, I am so happy you joined the blogging world. What cute dogs! I have heard that boxers are the BEST family dogs. I love the queen bee, heehee. I also love that she is a member of the family picture :)

krissy said...

Your doing a great job Sandi! Your dogs are so cute, but lets hope they are not like Kims dog, everytime he see's me he is all over me, its so funny. We love you guys

Tina said...

Hi, I'm Brad Hansen's wife, Tina, and Brad sent me your blog link taht he got from Adam. Cute dogs! We love Boxers! We will check in on your blog.