Monday, August 17, 2009

Tanner's Birthday

We started the day off with a Breakfast... Bagles and Cream Cheese, one of Tanner's favorite. Since it was a school day Tanner decided to take Donuts with Chocolate Icing and sprinkles to share with his classmates. After school tanner opened his presents....

Here is what he got....

Card and $1 from G & G Curry {Thank-You}

K'NEX from The Larson Family {Thank-You}

Card and $20 from Uncle Cody {Thank-You}

Card and $20 from G & G Short {Thank-You}
And from our family and G & G Aman...
What is it???
His very own MP3 Player!!!
Tanner has wanted his very own MP3 player for a long time now.
We're glad we were able to get him one with the help of G& G Aman.
{Thank-You G & G Aman}

Instead of Cake, we decided to let the kids decorate their own



Collin and Kendon both had Football practice,
so they were not at home to decorate cupcakes....

Happy Birthday Buddy
We hope you had an
We love you!

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