Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shaylene's Birthday Party

We had Shaylene's 13th Birthday/Sleep-Over on March 17th & 18th. It was all done with a 70's theme in mind.

The Invitation

I created a back drop for a "70's Photo Shoot"

Front Door Decorations this is the only picture that was taken with the back drop that I spent hours creating.
I thought a photo shoot would be fun. I had groovy glasses, peace necklaces, beads, 70's tatoo's, wash-out hair dye, etc. for the girls to create some fun "groovy"pictures. But.... the girls didn't!!! So, I folded up the backdrop (sheet) and tucked it away. McKenzie can't wait to have a "groovy" good time at one of her birthday parties. So I guess I am ahead of the game for it.
Shaylene, Brooklyn, Lizzy & Chloe
(Bailey couldn't make it)

Happy Birthday to You, Shaylene!!!
Shaylene chose Pizza for dinner.
Her cake was Raspberry/Strawberry Jello Cake
with Whipped Cream Frosting and Ice Cream.
The next morning Shaylene picked Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast.
After breakfast everyone tye-dyed a t-shirt to take home. (see all my idea's aren't so bad)
Here are the finished products....










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