Monday, November 10, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

Morgan's and Tanner's teachers gave them an assignment for the weekend. They gave them a outline of a turkey body on card stock with the instructions to decorate it with their families using anything they want to make their turkey come to life.
This is what we did...
  • For Morgan's turkey, we added colored felt for the body, feathers, beek, and feet. We also circled yard to make a wing, then we added colored beads. A wiggly eye....and lined it with gold glitter glue.
  • For Tanner's Turkey we colored the body brown, we added cut up old Levi's for the tail feathers, the beek, wing and feet. we added colored beads, cheerios, and a wiggly eye. we also lined his turkey with the gold glitter glue.

Here is our finished TURKEY'S!!!!

Morgan's Turkey

Tanner's Turkey

This next picture is McKenzie's Turkey....

McKenzie was cleaning up all the we thought...

The next thing we knew she had herself a turkey of her own. She drew a turkey body on a peice of paper, then used all the scraps to make her turkey body. She added beads, a beek, and a wiggly eye.

Great Job Kids!

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